Understanding Free Play Bonuses

For anyone who is wondering if they should delve into the online casino world, the free play bonuses are what might tip the scales towards "yes". They don't give you those if you go in person, at least not normally so it's one of the best advantages.

However, there are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to how these promos work. People give up on them quickly, because they are missing important information and therefore, can't really take advantage of them.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about free play bonuses, including those key details, so that you can enjoy gaming to the max and make the most out of it.

Main Types of Free Play Bonuses

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No deposit: The newest addition to the promo family, these complimentary freebies serve as "Welcome aboard" gifts to the newly-registered player accounts. Once you join, you can receive them right off the bat usually in the form of either extra cash or free spins.

Sticky: Nothing really specific about them, except the fact that they can't be withdrawn. The purpose is to use them to place more bets and enjoy more games, not cash them out.

Match deposits: Prepare for some simple mental math. These freebies will be granted every time the player makes a deposit. The amount will depend on the percentage of the promotional offer. For example, some online casinos will have a 150% match, which means they will give you extra cash, equal to 1.5 times the cash that you deposited. If the deposit is 200%, they will give you promo cash 2 times the deposited amount. Get it?

Something to Keep in Mind - Time Limits

Players are given only a limited amount of time to make use of the present. In most cases, it's 60 minutes on the clock. After they run out, any winnings you made vessel be kept, of course. There may be a limit on how much you can make, though. Some gaming sites like to put restrictions on the withdrawals. Such details are what I was talking about in the beginning.

Something to Keep in Mind - Wagering Requirements

Deposit Bonuses most of the time rely on wagering requirements. If the account doesn't meet the number of times of wagering required to get the winnings, you simply won't get the winnings. Read the online casino's terms and conditions before you proceed in order to get familiar with the system.

Special Types of Free Play Bonuses

  • Loyalty Bonus-If you're very active with wagering and playing the fun games, you will get rewarded extra bonuses for your efforts. Honestly, any normal gaming house should do this as a way to thank their users.
  • Referral Bonus-Oldest trick in the book. Refer a friend to join the online casino, too, and you will get rewarded for recruiting them. All sides win.
  • Birthday Bonus-A special bonus for a special occasion once a year.
  • Promotional Bonus-Sometimes, the online casino can offer exclusive opportunities for different discounts, new games, or just limited edition freebies. Don't question it - if they provide, you take.